STRATA® ARC Flash Grip Glove


The ARC Flash Grip Glove is one of the first gloves to combine high levels of Flame Resistance and Cut Protection level 5 D in one comfortable, ergonomic design. All components are Inherently Flame Resistant and maintain their properties throughout the glove’s life. 

  • The exceptional ergonomic fit, based on patented technology, ensures a high-level of all-shift comfort
  • The soft-foam coating provides excellent grip in wet, oily and dry conditions, reducing slippage and hand tension
  • The thin 13 gauge knitted liner, featuring ZonzTM Knit technology, increases productivity and safety by enabling the manipulation of small objects such as wires and bolts 
  • Cut 5 Level D 
  • Superb protection from flame, heat and cut
  • Extra flexibility and dexterity minimising hand fatigue
  • Multiple launderings while keeps the same performance
  • 13 gauge 
  • Excellent Grip 
  • Store the gloves in their original packaging protected from heat, light and humidity. 

Technical Specification

ATPV 10.3 cal/cm2  


  • Material: Coating: Micro Foam


  • Arc Flash Protection (ATPV Arc level 2 as per ASTM F2675-13) – 10.3cal/cm2
  • Certified to EN388 - 4X43D, EN407 - 4132XX, EN420 CAT II, EN1149

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