There are plenty of brands that want to offer the best gear for those who need protecting from the potentially devastating affects of an Arc Flash or Fire. Gear and clothing that will not only protect you from a potentially fatal hazard, but can handle the wear and tear, and will keep you dry and warm or cool for that matter.

This isn’t anything unique for STRATA, however the unique thing about us is that we offer more than that. We want to challenge ourselves to win over even the not-so-easily charmed wearer, the ones that think nothing can protect them against the risks they face, or nothing can withstand the elements or conditions they endure on a daily basis.

Let us explain why.

STRATA was founded by a man with both visions and dreams. Anthony Long, son of a clothing salesman, a good old-fashioned salesman, fully convinced that in order to sell something, it had to be really good, you had to believe in it yourself and it has to add value to someones life.

The safety and focus on employee welfare in the utilities / energy sector a century ago was far from what it is today, at least in Anthony's world. It was rather a struggle trying to provide good protective clothing solutions for people that were very hard to satisfy because of the demands they faced in their job every day.

So Anthony Long would base his company on the vision of easing the struggle, to improve life for those who had to endure potentially fatal hazards and challenging working conditions, not by choice, but to get by. We think this is solid ground for an Arc & Flame Protective Clothing brand. This means that everything we do has purpose, every detail is made to make the working day a little easier, a little safer and maybe a little more enjoyable. When your gear and clothing are designed to be a reliable partner, helping you to get the work done – a shiny surface isn’t worth a thing. Only high-quality crafted goods make the cut.  

Our company is built on a strong value-driven foundation; we are reliable, curious and passionate. Reliability means that you can rely on your STRATA gear to be durable, functional and sustainable. Curiosity comes from constantly evaluating ourselves to become even more innovative and relevant. And passion is in everything we do – ensuring you are safer, look better, feel better and perform better with your STRATA gear. With this, our vision is as obvious as it is true: we want to inspire people to keep safe and SAVE LIVES.

It’s important for us to be your partner every day- protecting your life from the potentially fatal affects of Arc Flash & Fire.

So this may be where we differ slightly from our competitors within the industry. It is your expectations on safety, quality, sustainability, function and design that decide if our products will be your partners. Regardless – it’s you against the hazards & elements.  That’s why our brand promise is to provide the most reliable protective clothing experience for anyone wanting to beat the fire & elements.



STRATA – Protection in every layer.

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