Distributing STRATA

Heard about STRATA® Arc Flash & FR Clothing & PPE but now you need to purchase or see some examples of STRATA® products?

STRATA® is sold through its premier partner SKANWEAR which has its head office in Doncaster – Great Britain with additional global offices in; Goteborg – Sweden, Zurich – Switzerland, Perth – Australia, San Antonio – North America.

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If you prefer, STRATA® can be purchased through your local distribution partner. All you need to do is make your request to your local distribution partner sales representative and request the STRATA® brand. 

STRATA® is used in over 46 different countries around the world and our representative for protection, comfort and quality is renown but we also you need to purchase quickly and easily which is why we offer you the option to purchase from our premier partner – SKANWEAR® who will supply direct to you in any location of the world, or you can choose to purchase through your local safety distribution company of choice.