Lifetime Guarantee Against Faulty Workmanship

Our guarantee ensures that every STRATA® product is made without compromise, using only the best materials available, and manufactured using innovative techniques. STRATA® products are created by skilled seamstresses who have a high level of expertise in their craft. Our confidence in the quality of our products is reflected in the full lifetime guarantee against any faulty workmanship.

Not only do we offer this life time guarantee against poor workmanship or component failure, but eventually, when you feel the need to update your STRATA® product, we will take your STRATA® product back and fully recycle it, to get environmental value from it.
(We convert it into unique fibre blends that can be used in the automotive industry!)

This commitment to recycling not only helps us reduce the environmental impact of our products, but also add value to the material by repurposing it in a new and innovative way.

Next Day Shipping

Standard and Express delivery options available. We deliver to home addresses, hotels, site locations and more.