Finding the right fitting protective clothing can be a challenge yet it is so important.

Comfort and protection at work is critical which is why STRATA® have made the decision to produce our products in such a huge size range – very small sizes to very large sizes, very short leg options to tall leg options.

Each nationality typically has a slightly different body profile so it is important when supplying a global customer base to have the same product available for each and every person from any country in the world.

Ladies clothing sizes.  No longer is it acceptable to expect women to wear clothing that does not fit them correctly.  In a world of equality it is important that women have ability to protect themselves from the potentially devastating effects of Arc Flash or Flash Fire with correctly fitting clothing.  Ladieswear is an excellent and very popular addition to the STRATA® range.

Unsure of your size?  

Find the correct size for you with our universal sizing guides (link)

Unsure how to measure yourself?

View our video guides on how to measure yourself correctly (link)

Need a bespoke size?

The STRATA® design team are able to design and manufacture a product to suit any size person in the unlikely circumstance that a stock size is not suitable.

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