Global Certification

Globalisation is the process by which the world is becoming increasingly interconnected as a result of massively increased trade and cultural exchange.

Whether we like it or not Globalisation is on the increase, so is global standardisation and consolidation.  It is becoming less acceptable to have one standard in one country and a lesser standard in another country especially when it comes to safety and the protecting of live.

STRATA® is a truly global brand, worn by professional engineers across 46 different countries. 

What makes STRATA® a truly global brand?

Global certification

Global certification against Arc & Flame means that lives at risk are protected both physically and legally in almost any country in the world.  Today’s mobile workforce is increasingly transient meaning that we work across different continents and countries often with colleagues from the same organisation but a different country.  

Nevertheless the correctly certified Arc & Flame Protection is required regardless of where you’re working.  STRATA® gives you complete peace of mind – protecting people and protecting companies.

Getting the protection to you

Regardless of where you are working or live in the world, STRATA® is available to you meaning that there is no excuse for a live not to be SAVED from the potentially devastating effects of an Arc Flash or Flash Fire.STRATA® has strategically located distribution partners around the world who ensure that anyone working on or near live or potentially live electricity has access to the protection they need.  There is no excuse not to wear STRATA® Protection.