ARC Flash comes from electricity and can be fatal. Industry today typically relies on electricity to function so generation and distribution of electricity is the life blood of our world - without electricity the world stumbles.

Electricity does not respect the weather and must always be on. The rain comes down, the snow falls, the water freezes or the sun shines down mercilessly on the terrafirma below - the electricity must be back on regardless of the weather.

The electrical engineer needs to be protected from the potentially fatal risk of Arc Flash and the elements whilst still being able to move without restriction. Comfort is critical to productivity therefor, a strong emphasis on ergonomic design, fit and function is paramount within the development process. 

STRATA® has a growing design team that focus on working with our Friends of STRATA® to establish what is required around the world to keep electrical engineers safe and comfortable. We get close to the need to really understand how we can improve protection levels and improve comfort. As a result of this, the team continually work to improve and develop the range further to meet all customer needs in this sector. 

New developments/Coming up: Ladies wear expansion of collection. 

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