Ripstop Declaration of Conformity 
SFV849; SFX876; SFV216; SFV207; SFV209; SFV210; SFV212; SFX276; SFX240; SFV899; SFV449; SFV408; SFX408; SFV740; SFX722; SFV722; SFX407
Lightweight Declaration of Conformity
SFV301, SFV342, SFV730, SFX300, SFX302, SFX310, SFX730, SFX802, SFX863

Midweight Declaration of Conformity
SFV243-213, SFV439-SFV443, SFV802, SFV839, SFX220, SFX221, SFX241, SFX243, SFX273, SFX420, SFX439, SFX801, SFX820, SFX873

Poloshirts Declaration of Conformity
SFV503, SFV751, SFX500, SFX503, SFX751

Sweatshirt Declaration of Conformity
SFV600, SFX600, SFX610, SFX612

T-Shirt Declaration of Conformity 
SFX100, SFX101, SFV101 

Waterproof Declaration of Conformity
SFV920, SFV921, SFV922, SFV925, SFV940,  SFV942,  SFV945,  SFV980,  SFV982

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