It’s unique – Global Certification!  STRATA® Arc Flash Clothing & PPE is globally tested and certified to both European and North American Arc Flash, Flame Retardant and Hi-Visibility standards, but we don’t stop there…

Quality assurance and peace of mind for you is a fundamental at STRATA®. That’s why we ensure that, not only do our Arc Flash garments meet safety and testing standards, they exceed them wherever possible. We’re committed to certifying our production practices, allowing our clients to see our dedication to quality assurance across our company. We demonstrate this commitment by conforming to voluntary accreditation standards along with those required in our sector.





For instance, as a company, we conform to ISO9001. This is a voluntary quality management system which includes a variety of measures including customer focus, leadership and continual improvement. In the case of STRATA®, this means that we listen to all feedback from our clients and strive to make every garment better tomorrow than it is today.


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