Day In The Life: Electrical Engineer | Gheorghe

Day In The Life: Electrical Engineer | Gheorghe

Meet Gheorghe. Gheorghe works at Anesco as a High Voltage Appointed Person and Technician on solar farms and battery energy storages. 
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This video follows electrical engineer George as he works as a high voltage appointed person and technician for Anesco – a global leader in renewable energy.

With the help of his colleague, George tackles the job of replacing a faulty inverter at one of Anesco’s solar farms. The power electronic device converts the direct current (DC) created by the solar panels into alternating current (AC).

Before getting started, George reflects on his career, stating that it is his love of science, in particularly physics, that got him into the renewable energy industry.

Once George is finished with taking off the old inverter and installing a new one, he goes on to talk about how he keeps safe whilst at work, including wearing layers of arc flash rated clothing. George goes on to explain that because the clothing he wears is so comfortable, he feels great whilst wearing it and so can enjoy his work more. 

Because he works with DC, George is exposed to higher voltages than if he was working with AC and as a result of this, the potential for sustained electrical explosions is magnified, George explains.

The video finishes with George answering a common question in relation to solar farms, and that is: Does the sun need to shine in order for the panels to generate a current? The answer he provides is, no, absolutely not. As long as there is day light then it is enough, although the sunnier it is, the more current will be generated.

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