Day In The Life: Electrical Engineers | Graham & Mike

Day In The Life: Electrical Engineers | Graham & Mike

We'd like to introduce you to Graham Hogg, a senior electrical engineer and business owner. Graham will be sharing with us what a typical day in his role looks like, accompanied by Mike Astley and David Wynne.
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This video follows electrical engineer Graham and his colleagues as they fit a remote switching board to a circuit breaker on a solar farm.

Being based out in the field, Graham lists some of the challenges they face, such as being exposed to harsh weather conditions that can be so bad that it prevents them from working. There is also the challenge of getting used to operating the relatively new solar farm.

They begin by opening up the 3,800V circuit breaker and then switching it over to earth so that it can be closed down. It’s at this point that Graham explains the level of arc flash risk with this job given the fact that they are working on an 11kV substation with two open transformers and low voltage board that all carry a 15cal risk.

Having worked in the industry for some twenty two years, it was by accident that Graham became an electrical engineer, after being offered an apprenticeship as a young lad. However, he goes on the explain that he did always want to do a job where he got to work with his hands.

With isolations in place on the outside of the control box, Graham heads in to prove that the transformers are dead. From there they wire a remote panel to the circuit breaker so that switching can be done from a safer area, rather than being in front of something that potentially has incident energy behind it. 

The video finishes with Graham stating that after trying numerous other providers, he and his colleagues now only wear STRATA personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing. He mentions that the quality of the products and the impeccable customer service is what keeps him coming back.

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