The most rigorous field-testing programs in the business

The most rigorous field-testing programs in the business

October 01, 2018

The most rigorous field-testing programs
in the business

A lot of manufacturers claim their clothes are rugged, but few prove it like STRATA® Protection.

STRATA® operates one of the most rigorous field-testing programs in the business – sending jackets, trousers, overalls, shirts and more to working men and women across the world.  

Day after day, month after month, these workers put these clothes to the test as endure some of the most hostile conditions in the working day, extreme heat of India, bitter cold of Russia, the driving rain, of Scotland, the merciless sunshine of Arizona,  the high humidity of Singapore all in a day’s work - climbing wind turbines, electricity transmission or distribution towers/poles, pulling cable, digging trenches, crawling through small compartments and confined spaces, working in the engine room of a ship you name it our friends toil day in and day out in STRATA® protection.

What does STRATA® ask in return?

Nothing more than an honest opinion.

- Does the fabric hold up?
- Do the seams stay intact?
- Is there enough room in the shoulders or hips or waist?
- Do the zippers and buttons work?
- Are the pockets well positioned?
- Do the garments keep you dry? 
- Do they breath? 

STRATA® uses worker feedback to improve our current clothing as well as generate ideas for future styles – all to better serve your needs.

Join now and become a Friend of STRATA®, join in the fun and engage with us.  Help us to help you!

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